Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable 2g



Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable 2g


The Loot Disposables are perfectly blended with Delta 8, Delta 10 and THC-O to create a happy, uplifting experience!  Generally people find it uplifting, mood enhancing, creative promoting, and more.

Indica may also produce some relaxing effects after the initial buzz and euphoria with select Indica influence. It also imparts a mellowing calmness from the Indica influence, which might lead some consumers to be too relaxed, finding it difficult to get liftoff from the couch…

The Hybrid strain is a nicely-balanced Hybrid strain with uplifting and creative properties from the Sativa influence.

Sativa strain is a wake-and-bake, get-up-and-go, or whatever you want to call it type of super strain. If you’re feeling the need for an uplift, this might be the strain you’ve been looking for. Users also report sharper, crisper attention, mood elevation, relief from fatigue, and generally a nice does of comforting euphoria.

All blends should be handled gently until getting a grasp on the effects. It’s great for daytime when you need a boost of mood enhancement and focus while staying functional and mindful.


Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable 2g

Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Cartridge cartridges are 100% Natural with only delta8 derived from industrial hemp and Real Cannabis Terpenes. NO PG, NO PEG, NO VG, NO MCT

The hottest new hemp tanks on the market are the Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Cartridge Tanks by The Loot.

  • 1ml THC Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Cartridge Vape Tank
  • MSRP: $55.00
  • Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable all of the effects of Delta 9
  • Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable is fully legal in all 50 States
  • Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable is 100% Hemp Derived
  • Multiple different strains of Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposables
  • Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable products are 3rd party tested
  • Scannable QR Code to pull up the Delta Blend D8-D10-THCO Disposable Test Results

Strains Available:

  • Berry Kush (Indica)
  • White Widow (Sativa)
  • Mintz (Hybrid)
  • Tropical OG (Hybrid)
  • Texas Poundcake (Indica)
  • Sour Tangie (Sativa)
  • 1000 mg/g

Please use this product in the comfort of your own home, do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

Additional information

Select Flavor/Strain

Berry Kush – Indica, Mintz – Hybrid, Sour Tangie – Sativa, Texas Poundcake – Indica, Tropical OG – Hybrid, White Widow – Sativa


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